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The Power To Give.

You want to reward and encourage an employee of yours for the well-done job? A gift voucher is a different and wonderful gesture of appreciation for every loyal employee, who has proven his/her qualities and effectiveness in your company, upon retirement or in gratitude to a partner. 

The gift voucher is an official document, showing the right of his/her address to receive a tourist service from SGB Travel’s portfolio under the following conditions:


Select a tourist product, without limits in destination, season, period and category of accommodation in Bulgaria or abroad


Confirming the possibility of the selected tourist service by SGB Travel

Gift Voucher

The gift voucher is used only once

Make a Gift

The gift voucher may be given on condition that the holder makes personally a reservation for a third party


The voucher cannot be replaced by its cash value


A possibility for choosing a personal wish that suits the particular case or occasion

SGB Travel team believes that giving someone a trip is not only an original gift, but also a unique way to create a unique exciting experience that will remain a cherished and unforgettable memory.
Easy Way For Your Holiday
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