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1. These general terms and conditions apply to all hotel reservations made on this website –, owned by SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd.

2. All personal information entered into the reservation system shall be used only for the purposes of the reservation.

3. The reservation made by you is valid only after receiving a voucher to the email you have specified.

4. Once you have paid for a reservation, it is binding. All conditions for changing and cancelling the reservation come into force. In case “SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA” Ltd. does not receive the full amount for the made reservation within 20 days before its date of accommodation, “SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA” Ltd. has the right to cancel the reservation.

5.1. Payment is made once or in installments.

5.2. If you make a reservation in the last 20 days before the planned date of accommodation, if there are vacancies, you have to pay the total price for your reservation immediately.

5.3. In cases when the reservation has a “non-refundable” status (the penalty is 100% at the time of its confirmation), immediate payment of the full value of the reservation is required.

6. All terms for payment and cancellation of a specific reservation are specified in writing in the relevant application.

7. In case the client has not made a payment or has violated the payment’s terms, SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. has the right to cancel the reservation without the client’s consent. In this case SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not liable to the client and does not owe compensation or penalties.

8. In case of occurrence of circumstances, preventing SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. to perform the requested services within the specified terms for reasons beyond its control, without the clients’ consent, without responsibility for it, SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. may make the following changes, which the client accepts they do not represent a significant change in any of the contract’s clauses:

– To change the hotel where the clients are accommodated with a hotel of the same category or higher, under the same conditions of accommodation and at the same boarding house. In these cases SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not liable to the client and does not owe compensation or penalties.

If a reservation is canceled due to reasons beyond the control of SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd., SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. refunds the amount the client has paid, and does not owe additional compensations for this.

9. In cases where the reservation has the status “with confirmation”, additional confirmation is required from SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. for the availability of vacancies. The client is obliged to observe the terms of payment specified in item 5 and item 6.

10. You can make any cancellation of a specific reservation in writing by sending an e-mail to with a request for cancellation. An obligatory condition is the announcement of the reservation number.

11. The final price of the reservation refers to the chosen by you number, type of rooms, and the indicated period of accommodation, and as a rule it does not include local fees. These fees are paid by customers at the hotel reception. The board is indicated for each specific reservation. It is explicitly mentioned, if breakfast, lunch or dinner are included in the price. In case it is possible to request a meal for an additional fee, this is stated in the booking request itself.

12. When tourists wish to stay in a triple room, they should keep in mind that the third bed in most hotels and places for accommodation is a folding bed, a stretchable sofa or a camp bed /it is not a regular bed/. Adding an extra bed reduces the space in the room and creates inconvenience for all three tourists. It is not recommended to accommodate other tourists on an extra bed, except for children up to 12 years.

13. If possible, the hotel confirms on the spot all special requirements, relating to it. If these additional preferences require additional payment, it has to be made while check-in in the hotel.

14. Special discounts apply for children up to 12 years. To take advantage of these discounts, when booking it is necessary to indicate the age of the child at the time of departure. In case the information is incorrect, the client pays the difference up to the full value of the reservation.

15. For children under 18 years traveling alone or with one of the parents, a notarized declaration, with a phone number of the notary, is required from both parents agreeing their child to travel abroad. Tourists should carry the original declaration and a copy during the trip. In case of non-fulfillment of these conditions, SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible and all inconveniences and damages caused by this are at the expense of the victims.

16. The category of hotels is determined according to the legislative peculiarities of the respective country. The hotels themselves provide the information about the amenities and services offered by them to the date of their inclusion in the reservation system and SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for non-compliance with the previously announced information about them.

17. The tourist should take into account that check-in at the hotels is usually after 2 pm. The rooms are vacated until 11 am after the last night. In case you plan to check-in at the hotel of your choice late in the evening (after 10 pm), you should contact the hotel and notify the reception in person. All announced hours are local time for the destination.

18. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for problems related to the accommodation of pets, in case they are not specified in writing while making the reservation.

19. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for loss of valuables, money and documents left in the hotel room.

20. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for damages caused by non-performance or inaccurate performance of the service, in case of force majeure or event that SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. or its counterparties cannot foresee or avoid in case of conscientious performance of their duties.

21. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for incorrect filling in of the reservation form by the client. Improperly filling in the name can lead to the refusal of the border authorities to admit you to the respective country and the refusal of accommodation.

22. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible, does not indemnify and does not compensate the tourists who have given up the use of the service or part of it. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. does not reimburse or compensate tourists for expenses regardless of the paid service.

23. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible to the tourist for not issuing a visa when required. Upon presenting the regular documents and refusing a tourist visa, the paid amounts are not refunded. The service is canceled and the envisaged penalties, specified in item 5 and item 6, are deducted, in case of visa refusal due to presentation of incomplete, inaccurate and incorrect documents, previous tourist’s offenses in the respective country, non-compliance with the deadlines for documents’ submission, as well as failure to appear at the consular services on interview, where required.

24. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for actions of border and customs services, airlines, bus and rail carriers and does not compensate customers, despite the fact that due to these actions they have missed part of the service or even the entire service.

25. In case of damage to the used hotels, the specific perpetrator or perpetrators takes /take material responsibility for the damage, including on the spot, when required by the victim. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. does not bear costs under this procedure and does not owe compensation and indemnities in case of possible change of the schedule and content of the requested services, including to tourists who are not responsible for the damage but use the service together with the person responsible for the damage.

26. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. does not bear costs related to the consumption of food and beverages beyond the paid board, regardless of whether the client has ordered them or not.

27. When making a hotel reservation, an individual or group transfer can be added at an additional cost. Transfers that are not used due to the fault of the customer /airline /bus or train carrier /ferry company and other service providers, are not subject to compensation, their value is not refundable and they are not a reason for claims of the client.

28. In case of incorrect performance of the service, the CLIENT is obliged to notify immediately SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. The notification must be made in writing or by other means, including by e-mail or other technical means, enabling it to be reproduced.

29. The client has the right to make a complaint about the provided service in writing to e-mail address:, within 14 days after using it. The client is entitled to compensation up to the amount of the first night. SERENITY GROUP BULGARIA Ltd. is not responsible for complaints about services selected on the spot. Complaints are considered within 30 (thirty) days after receipt.

30. In case of litigation, it is resolved by the Arbitration Court – Sofia.

31. The provisions of the Tourism Act, the Commercial Act and the other current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to unsettled and other issues.

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